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Approximately two years ago there were faint indications that somewhere, somehow, and in some way someone was advancing a BRT BUS system for central avenue in Albuquerque.

In the beginning the whole thing was pretty much a secret, meaning “nobody” knew, or knew what the plan was, or what was happening. There was word on the street that it was a Route 66 route from 98th Street in the west, to Tramway Boulevard in the east.

At some point the plan was scaled back – the BRT would not reach westward to 98th Street, but it would end at (really near) Unser Boulevard, at the Unser Transit Center.

Then the BIG bombshell started to surface. The proposed BRT “Stations” and the dedicated bus guideway would end at Coors Boulevard in the west and Louisiana Boulevard in the east. The cute caveat was that the BRT buses would still continue on to Unser, and to Tramway, but would not benefit from a guideway or STATIONS.

When officials were asked about how a BRT bus stops without a BRT station the answer was, “we’ll just use the existing Rapid Ride stops.”


The problem is that the BRT buses need an elevated platform that Rapid Ride stops and shelters don’t provide. The second problem is that, according to officials, there is no money in the budget to build the elevated platforms west of Coors, or east of Louisiana.

And THAT is not even half of the BRT problems.

The idea of the Mayor of Albuquerque, or someone about him, was the theory that Albuquerque loves ART (which it probably does, when done well), and that if you can just call a BRT bus “ART” it will sell.

It’s been a very hard sell, however. As people heard about this new ART, they freaked, they shouted out, some say they rioted. It was, and is, a real mess.

This website is ABOUT an effort to Save Central, to Save Our Central (SOS), and our very much loved, and very historic, Route 66. Simply put, WE DON’T WANT CENTRAL AVENUE DESTROYED.

Important websites connected to the process:

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The [Bus] website is HERE.

LAWSUITS HAve been filed:

Lawyer outreach, and donations.

stop the madness, start  the dialogue:

We need suggestions about how to make “City Hall” listen.