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Featured Image ‘photo credit’, which is really an “illustrative”, simulated image, like many that the Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART) Project uses, is from THIS website.

One problem with “ART” is that the proposed ART Project does not interface at a well designed Transfer Station with the RailRunner, as would be good, and as is suggested in the picture above.  The reality is seen below.  (Photo credit is HERE.)

The ART Bus would come and go from the far side, opposite side, of the Alvarado Transportation Center building (on the right). It is a very long, up hill, walk to the rail platform, one that takes one past numerous non-clean, diesel fuel spewing, ABQ RIDE, buses. The ADA Ramp from the ART Site to the RailRunner is not ADA compliant. It is very long, convolted, and a mess. There are no plans or designs for the ART Project to fix this.

NM RailRunner commute train at Alvarado Transportation Center (ATC)

NM RailRunner commute train at Alvarado Transportation Center (ATC)